suga ft yoonmin picspam ♡ (asked by xreysa)

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Question: BTS members~ Have there been times where you wanted to say something to a member, but you couldn’t, or didn’t? You may write it here. We look forward to your witty comments.

Jin: To Suga… Suga, everything is good. You don’t use your cell phone while we eat,…

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shinee’s manager oppa…. why

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The Two EXOs


EXO-K Upper East Side Junmyeon “Junnie” Bass with his Ivy League Gossip Boys heading to the Hamptons for the weekend to take in a rowing match



EXO-M led by Kris Wuashington crossing the motherfucking Han River to storm some Gangnam designer shops


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Yoongi’s basketball skills

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taetae and his happy dance

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bts muster

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when yoongi did his ‘minsuga’ thing . .

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i spy min suga ( °٢° )

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kookie’s specialty

kookie’s specialty

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